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Macchine Trattori, a monthly publication, is part of the publishing house Editoriale Orsa Maggiore and is aimed at professionals and enthusiasts in the agricultural sector. Farmers, breeders, contractors, technicians, dealers, and manufacturing companies are the main readers who find useful information and news for their work in Macchine Trattori every month. It’s a rich and well-documented magazine, yet also enjoyable and easy to read, sometimes even entertaining. Moreover, it covers a much broader spectrum of topics beyond just agricultural mechanization, which remains the core focus of the publication. This is evidenced by its sections on markets, economics, current affairs, environment, bioenergy, defense, as well as cultural and entertainment topics. As the first industry magazine to be distributed in newsstands, Macchine Trattori is available in all retailers in Northern and Central Italy, as well as in the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland.


Editor-in-Chief: Furio Oldani (furio.oldani@gmail.com)

Editorial Staff: Andrea Castelli – Deputy Editor (andrea.castelli.eom@gmail.com), Donatello Sandroni (donatello.sandroni@gmail.com), Jacopo Oldani (link.jacopo@gmail.com), Sara Passa, Paolo Girardi-art director

Contributors: Eugenio Demartini, Fabio Fracchia, Giorgio Galloni, Luca Masali, Massimo Misley.

Web Master:  Andrea Bettinelli, Vesna Oldani

Foreign associates: Agrotécnica-Spagna (bheditores@bh-editores.com), Agriworld-Brasile (revista.agriworld@agriworld.com.br)

Administration/Secretariat: Enza Gallucci (enza.gallucci@gmail.com)

Photos: Editoriale Orsa Maggiore archive

Management and Editorial Staff: via Luigi Galvani 36, 20019 Settimo Milanese, Milano; tel. 02 33510339,  fax  02 33510339; Email:editorialeorsamaggiore@gmail.commacchinetrattori@gmail.com

Headquarters:: via Boltraffio 7, 20159 Milano


Printing: D’Auria Printing S.p.a., Ascoli Piceno.

Distribution for Italy: So.Di.P. “Angelo Patuzzi”, via Bettola 18, 20092 Cinisello, Milano. Tel. 02 660301, fax 02 66030320. www.sodip.itinfo@sodip.it

Distribution for Canton Ticino (Ch): Sies, via Bettola 18, 20092 Cinisello, Milano. Tel. 02 66030400, fax 02 66300269. www.siesnet.itsies@siesnet.it


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