Heavy-duty debut

Man Truck & Bus has officially confirmed the market launch of a first series limited to 200 examples of hydrogen-powered combustion engine trucks. Units that will be operational from 2025 in Europe with some selected customers in Germany, Holland, Norway and Iceland. Man “hTgx” is the name of the new vehicles that will be equipped for heavy-duty transport. The combustion engine will be the “H45” already presented at the latest trade fairs in the industrial and off-highway segments, an engine derived from the “D38” diesel engine capable of offering up…

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Perkins “5012”, top of the range for power generation

It is unlikely to find space in the agricultural sector, but secret agent 007 teaches us to “never say never,” and in any case, the machine deserves to be showcased. It is a new genset powered by a 12-cylinder engine labeled “5012,” which is at the top of both the Perkins “5000” series and the entire production range of the company. Specifically designed for power generation applications, the unit can deliver power outputs ranging from 1,275 to 1,710 kilovolt-amperes in primary generation applications at 50 hertz and from 1,250 to…

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Fpt Industrial and Longen Power have signed a new partnership

Fpt Industrial Longen Power

Fpt Industrial and Longen Power have signed a global partnership agreement for the export of engines compliant with various emission standards in different regions of the world, thus inaugurating a new phase of collaboration. Fang Tingwang, President of Longen Power, and Riccardo Pavani, Head of China Powertrain Commercial Operations, were present at the signing ceremony. The New Partnership The agreement stipulates that over the next three years, FPT Industrial will supply engines for Longen Power’s gensets, and both companies will collaborate to promote the use and development of power generators…

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Gefran introduces the ultra-compact and multifunction motor control devices, G-Start

Gefran – an Italian multinational specialized in the design and production of sensors, instrumentation for industrial process control, and automation systems – is launching the new modular series of motor starters, G-Start, designed for controlling single and three-phase asynchronous motors up to 3KW, 7A, and 500Vac. Available in three current sizes (0.6A, 2.4A, and 7.0A), the range is characterized by particularly compact dimensions and integrates, in a single device, four specific functionalities: direct motor starting, direction reversal, thermal protection, and motor diagnosis (up to SIL3 and PL”e” certified emergency stop),…

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Ftp industrial “G-Drive” range engine

gamma "G Drive" Ftp Industrial

FPT Industrial Leads the Way at Powergen International Exhibition in the USA. The event, held at the end of January in New Orleans, focuses on energy production systems and attracted companies and professionals from 90 countries in its latest edition. As the main sponsor of the 2024 edition, FPT Industrial took center stage by showcasing its entire range of engines, from the “F34” units with 55 kilowatts of power to the “Cursor 9” units with 388 kilowatts. Common to all systems is the “plug-and-play” approach, embraced to create pre-assembled and…

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Perkins “904J” Series Engine: Surpassing the Hundred Thousand Mark

perkins serie 904J

Designed and developed with OEM integration and end-user utilization in mind, the four-cylinder Perkins “904J” series engines have seen their installations exceed one hundred thousand units since the production of the first engine in 2019. This volume of applications has materialized across a wide range of fields, from self-propelled machinery used in agriculture and earthmoving sectors to stationary applications in the realm of water pumps and power generation systems. This success has been achieved through a design approach that prioritizes space reduction and ease of integration into machinery, culminating in…

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