Solis “26”, the Indian compact tractor climbing the ranks

Established in 1995, International Tractors Limited is an Indian company with an annual production of 300,000 tractors, placing it among the top five global players in the industry. Its range includes tractors ranging from 16 to 125 horsepower marketed under the Solis brand, a term borrowed from Latin and chosen by the company to denote its machines as sources of energy and productivity.

Operating in over 53 countries across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, it partners with the Yanmar group and holds the latest and most stringent international quality certifications. Among its production principles is a commitment to operating with zero defects. Among the models offered in Italy, Solis “26” stands out, a compact tractor that saw 246 registrations last year, securing the second position in the ranking of the most registered tractors in Italy. Powered by a three-cylinder Mitsubishi engine of 1300 cubic centimeters, delivering 26 horsepower at 2500 rpm and 76 newton-meters of torque, it is available with either mechanical transmissions with 6+2 or 9+9 ratios or with a hydrostatic group, allowing the operator to choose the equipment that best suits the machine’s mission profile.

Two-speed power take-off

Common to all models are the double traction with pedal differential lock, oil-immersed disc brakes, and the two-speed power take-off, at 540 and 1000 rpm, with mechanical engagement. The hydraulics operate with a flow rate of 13 liters per minute, allowing the rear lifter to handle maximum loads of six quintals, operate small hydraulic-driven equipment via a double-acting distributor, or manage a quick-attach loader and bucket with an option for a third electric function. Measuring less than three meters in length and between one and 1.25 meters wide, Solis “26” can steer without brake usage in a radius of about three meters, a characteristic that, combined with a wheelbase just over one and a half meters, makes the machine highly agile and easy to handle.

Solis “26”, versatile mission profile

With a weight just over 12 quintals and the option to equip the tractor with garden wheels with very low soil compaction, the machine’s range of uses extends beyond light agricultural activities and company maintenance to professional green maintenance. In fact, it is a modern and dynamic compact tractor that, on paper, lacks nothing compared to national competition, also boasting a five-year warranty and prices that are hardly matched by European Italian manufacturers. This latter aspect makes it particularly appealing to those engaged in agriculture at a hobbyist or part-time level.

Title: Solis “26”, the Indian compact tractor climbing the ranks

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