Heavy-duty debut

Man Truck & Bus has officially confirmed the market launch of a first series limited to 200 examples of hydrogen-powered combustion engine trucks.

Units that will be operational from 2025 in Europe with some selected customers in Germany, Holland, Norway and Iceland. Man “hTgx” is the name of the new vehicles that will be equipped for heavy-duty transport. The combustion engine will be the “H45” already presented at the latest trade fairs in the industrial and off-highway segments, an engine derived from the “D38” diesel engine capable of offering up to 520 horsepower.

The vehicles will be equipped with 56 kilo capacity tanks that can be refueled in 15 minutes and capable of ensuring 600 kilometers of autonomy. The project represents a sort of extended test that could open the door to the development of a range of hydrogen-powered engines also operating in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

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