Landini “Rex4 Dynamic”: dynamic by name and by nature

Landini “Rex4 Dynamic”

The Landini “Rex4” specialist tractor range is one of the most extensive on the market. It covers a power range, in increments of ten units, from 80 to 120 horsepower. It offers both cab and open configurations, with four different minimum working widths starting from just one meter, six different transmissions, and working heights at the steering wheel that can go as low as 128 centimeters. Added to these choices are options for suspended front axles, which create standalone models, and for cab models, the possibility of class 4 homologated compartments, completely isolated from the external environment. This means every company can have the “Rex4” best suited to their work needs and investment capacity, without having to compromise on reliability, performance, and operational economy provided by the compact Deutz-AG “Tcd 2.9” series engines, Stage V approved.

Service Intervals Every Thousand Hours or Two Years

Landini “Rex4 Dynamic”

All “Rex4” models are powered by the four-cylinder German engines, units fed by original Deutz-designed common rail systems, featuring four-valve per cylinder distribution, turbochargers with fixed geometry, and maintenance intervals scheduled every thousand working hours or two years, almost twice the industry average. These engines can interface with various types of transmissions, the most advanced being the “RoboShift” units, which combine the advantages of powershift gearboxes with those of automated and autonomous transmissions. Mechanically based on the Landini “Speed Four” 12-speed gearboxes, the transmissions are servo-assisted and controlled electro-hydraulically, both in terms of the four driving speeds and the three powershift stages. The transmission can be managed via a multifunction joystick called “Smart Pilot Plus” installed on the armrest of the driver’s seat, allowing the driver to shift through all three 12-speed blocks without using the clutch. Once the work range is selected, there are 12 robotized speeds available, selectable manually via two buttons on the joystick or left in automatic “Aps” mode, which hands over management to a dedicated control unit programmed to always engage the best gear for efficiency.

Additionally, the gear can be reversed without worrying about the brakes or clutch, a useful option when maneuvering at the end of the field in tight spaces, allowing the operator to focus on managing the trajectories. For repetitive tasks, such as company maintenance, the “Stop&Action” system autonomously engages the clutch, allowing the tractor to stop and restart by pressing only the brake pedal. The system, when managed manually, functions as a next-generation powershift with a modulable reverse gear, and when operated automatically, it closely resembles a continuous transmission but with the mechanical efficiency of manual transmissions.

Greater Focus on Work

Landini “Rex4 Dynamic”

With the “RoboShift” transmission working autonomously, the operator can focus solely on steering the tractor and the task at hand, although steering can also be delegated to the parallel autonomous driving function. This electronic steering system, using sensors on the hood and fenders and a radar on the roof, allows the tractor to move parallel to the rows even without GPS signals, which Landini offers in collaboration with TopCon for those who deem it necessary. The system optimizes steering with the “Ads” (Advanced Driving System), absorbing all external stresses on the front axle from uneven terrain and automatically centering the wheels after each turn, reducing the operator’s effort. On the road, it stiffens the steering wheel based on speed for more precise and direct driving, and its presence does not interfere with the availability of electronically controlled suspended axles, optional for some “Rex4” families.

Electronics: A True Ally

Equipping the “Rex4 Dynamic” with the parallel steering system leaves the operator with the sole task of controlling and adjusting the equipment’s activities, which can be facilitated by installing an ISOBUS system. This allows direct communication between the tractor and the equipment, with the latter, if next-generation, managing forward speeds to optimize efficiency. At that point, the operator may well bring a newspaper to the cabin, as there is little work left to do, essentially only the end-of-row maneuvers.

Top-Class Cabins

Landini “Rex4 Dynamic”

All “Rex4 Dynamic” models are equipped with four-pillar cabins and full doors, a solution that, combined with the ability to rotate the driver’s seat 16 degrees to the right and eight to the left, plus a flat floor, facilitates getting on and off the tractor. Common to all cabins are suspended seats and air conditioning systems, but different installation options are available.

The standard version offers classic isolation from the chassis with rubber silent blocks, but a mechanical suspension system with springs and shock absorbers is also available as an option. The type of protection offered by the cabin against the external environment is also a choice: all compartments are standard class 2 homologated, but class 4, protected by activated carbon filters and a ventilation system that pressurizes the cabin to prevent any pollutants from entering, is available as an option.

Field-Ready Hydraulics

Specialized tractors do not always have high-capacity hydraulic systems, often due to the small size of the equipment and thus their low hydraulic requirements. However, Landini’s “Rex4” models are an exception to this rule, equipped as standard with dual-mode hydraulic systems providing 58 liters/minute of oil for mounted equipment plus another 30 liters/minute for onboard services. An optional triple pump is also available, adding another 36 liters/minute to the already mentioned 58, creating a system capable of delivering up to 88 liters/minute of oil, 54 of which are available at just 1,500 engine rpm. The hydraulic circuit configuration allows for up to seven distributors, four of which are rear mechanical or electro-hydraulic and three are electro-hydraulic central. A flow selector with a four or six-way diverter is also available to control multiple outlets with a single command and a flow divider to adjust the oil flow in the distributors.

Title: Landini “Rex4 Dynamic”: Dynamic by Name and by Nature

Author: Editorial Team

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