Bcs self-propelled series “Ma.Tra 250”: three in one

The Bcs Group was founded in 1943 with the goal of manufacturing and marketing mechanical mowers capable of replacing human labor in forage mowing operations. Since then, the Group has continuously worked on issues related to grass cutting. Today, this effort is not limited to single-axle or mounted mowers but extends to a range of machines and equipment aimed at the professional maintenance of green areas, all under the “Ma.Tra” range.

Five Models for Varied Needs

There are five models, two of which are designed for the care of medium to small-sized areas: the “Ma.Tra 140” mulcher and the “Ma.Tra 160” lawnmower. For larger areas, Bcs offers the “Ma.Tra 250” and “Ma.Tra 350” models, along with the “Ma.Tra 300” mulcher. The “Ma.Tra 300” is specifically designed to handle the cleaning and reclamation of rough areas infested with brambles, shrubs, and undergrowth, as well as for grass height adjustments that do not require subsequent removal of the cut material, such as roadside verge and embankment cleaning.

Bcs serie “Ma.Tra 250”

Common Features for Large Area Machines

All machines for large areas feature low-compaction tires and are powered by Yanmar engines, specifically the “3Tnv82A” and “3Tnv88C” series, which are appreciated for their low fuel consumption, Stage V emissions compliance, and in the case of the “3Tnv82A” units, their low noise levels thanks to indirect fuel injection. The “Ma.Tra 250” lawnmower can thus operate without causing noise disturbances even in densely populated urban areas, making it well-suited for maintaining parks, gardens, and sports areas. It is also suitable for winter cleaning of paths and walkways, thanks to the option of replacing the front cutting deck with a hydraulically operated 30-degree tilting blade, 150 centimeters wide.

A Highly Versatile Machine

Bcs serie “Ma.Tra 250”

The “Ma.Tra 250” is characterized by high versatility, further enhanced by a dual-pedal – forward/reverse – integrated transmission and a single-speed range, allowing even trainees to work easily and safely.

Permanent All-Wheel Drive

Contributing to this goal is an all-wheel drive system with dedicated hydraulic motors on each wheel, manually lockable differentials, and power-assisted steering on the rear wheels, allowing for an inner turning radius of just 31 centimeters. In maneuvering, the “Ma.Tra 250” almost turns on itself, a feature that, when operating on slopes, is associated with high lateral stability.

The engagement and disengagement of the mower deck are electro-hydraulically assisted, while the cleaning of the engine compartment ventilation grilles is fully automatic, managed by a pressure sensor that reverses the action of the cooling fan whenever necessary.

750-Liter Grass Collection Basket

Bcs serie “Ma.Tra 250”

Among the machine’s advantages is the large capacity of the grass collection basket, offering 750 useful liters, which can be hydraulically operated and emptied from up to two meters high. The operator’s comfort is ensured by a mechanically suspended, longitudinally adjustable driver’s seat. This, combined with the adjustable steering column tilt, allows all operators to adopt an optimal driving position without visibility issues, as the driving position is open.

Transportable with Light Vans

Only 141 centimeters wide and weighing less than 1,300 kilograms in working order, the “Ma.Tra 250” can also be transported in light vans. If necessary to operate in rough areas, it can be equipped with a 130-centimeter wide mulcher featuring a rotor with “Y” blades and a rear support roller.

Title: BCS Self-Propelled Series “Ma.Tra 250”: Three in One

Author: Editorial Team

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