Python meat coming soon

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Between now and 2050 it is known that agriculture and animal husbandry will have to feed many more people than currently. At an agricultural level, production will have to be forced to achieve higher specific yields, while in the livestock sector we are thinking about alternative meats to the current ones.

Among these, and in pole position in the East, is python meat, a food which, according to a study published by the magazine “Scientific Reports”, offers high-yield proteins and low levels of fat with a low environmental impact. It should be noted that the use of pythons for culinary purposes is nothing new and in various parts of Asia this animal is already a source of food for local populations. A new frontier after that of vegetable meat.

The farms are carried out in large ventilated warehouses, the animals are fed with small rodents and protein supplements deriving from agricultural waste. Growths are approximately one pound per day with a conversion factor of four to one. Every four grams of food therefore gives rise to one gram of meat, a value higher than that offered by traditional species, with minimal greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, each female can lay up to one hundred eggs/year for twenty years, the meat seems to have a taste very similar to that of our local chicken and the secondary product is the skin of the reptile, a valuable product in the tanning industry.

Title: Python meat coming soon

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